Turkana Boy Video premiere on Crave Online!

The official music video for ‘Turkana Boy’ premiered on Crave Online today!


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Check out the story behind the song:

“Turkana Boy is a boy, believed to be 7 to 15 year-olds, who lived roughly 1.5 million years ago. His nearly full skeleton was found near Lake Turkana in Kenya, and it is one of the best-preserved relics of our ancient ancestors. I remember first reading about him as a graduate student studying human evolution in England. I found him fascinating, and the name great. I also love that there had been questions as to whether he was a boy or a girl and his exact age. It made it feel like he defines everyone’s youth, struggle, and journey on this earth. I later wrote the song ‘Turkana Boy’ from this boy’s perspective, how he lived, what he might think of our modern world, and what he might want to say to us.  The chorus says “While your arms are trying to define me, I am unanswerable, insatiable, I am crawling out of time, what those of us are willing to climb, I am Turkana Boy, in your world, struggling for life”.

“We named the album after Turkana Boy because he is a force and energy I feel is in all of us. That, and I just think the name is awesome.”