“A varied collection of guitar-heavy pop music that brings back fond memories of girl-fronted 90s bands like Belly and Throwing Muses”

-Northeast Performer


Thousand Days, a female-fronted guitar-heavy alternative rock band from Boston, released their 4th CD, Radiate, in early 2012. Drawing references to Liz Phair, Hole, Belly, Veruca Salt, and Throwing Muses, Thousand Days and their lead singer Pardis Sabeti have received admirable exposure including coverage in Austin Daze, Northeast Performer, The Boston Globe, Italy’s Ventiquattro Magazine , and CNN.com.


Thousand Days formed in 2002 and has previously worked with producers Neil McLellan (NIN, Prodigy), Anthony Resta (Collective Soul), Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo, David Gray), and Kurt Ballou. For their latest EP, Radiate, the band wanted a local Boston creation and had the pleasure of working with Matt Tahaney (Dropkick Murphys, Mighty Mighty Bostones) at Q-Division Studios and Brian Charles (Shelia Devine) at Zippah Recording.